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Dedicated to Doing Things Differently:

Most promoters are obsessed with grasping for charts. We understand that charting songs are important for promotional reasons but the #1 goal of JUMP is getting quality airplay for our artist. We believe the more quantity airplay you have, the more ears get to hear the message you have to give. Our CEO works tirelessly to ensure a fair and quality service is provided for each artist invested. It is our desire to offer stellar service to not only Artists we serve but to the organizations we represent the artists to.

Ministry Minded:

We are interested in your ministry and your needs because we have been where you are. JUMP was founded by Darren W. Lore, an ordained minister from Ohio, who has traveled and ministered with his family. JUMP was started and designed to fit the needs of artists who are launching into radio and internet airplay, perhaps for the first time. We also help introduce artists like you to new, ministry opportunities as often as we can. We do the things that would have helped us when we got started ie: radio time, interviews, photos, bios and videos to promote recognition. We are for your future in the genre of Southern Gospel Music. We understand the difficulties of booking. That’s why we send compilation disks to 100 churches nationwide each time we have a new comp.

Faithful Friendship:

Integrity, honesty and dedication are important values of JUMP. That is why promotions is more than just a business to us. Promotions is personal. We promote music and people we believe in. That’s why we want to get to know you better and help see you reach the success you are aiming for.

Bridge Building:

Our services bridge the gap between Today’s Southern Gospel Music Artists, Radio, Concert Promoters and Ministry Leaders. We hope to help connect new artists with venues and stations that we know will love your music.

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