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At Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions, we believe that without a Message there is no Music and promoting the Message of Jesus Christ is at the forefront of our Promotion Services.

We offer one of America's Finest Rosters of Today's Gospel Music Artists and are proud to introduce our Genre of Christian Music to New Churches and Promoters Nationwide each month.  

If you're looking for stellar service and world class creative ideas we hope you'll consider allowing us to partner with you.

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Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions for Southern Gospel Music
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Call for more information today 740-935-1188
Singing has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a small, country Baptist Church that loved Southern and Bluegrass Gospel Music.  I started singing in that church when I was knee high to my parents. Singing in the 'SPIRIT' drew me deeper into music ministry. As an adult, I was a pastor for 20 years. I worked with many artists throughout the years like The Perry's, The Bowlings, The Greene's , The Browders and many regional and local artists. I have a perspective of what a Pastor desires when a Music Ministry is invited to work/worship with a congregation. I also know what doesn't go over. My family's ministry began at the local Church level.   I began radio in 2009 with a lot of eagerness and very little experience, but I understand the importance of connecting the Ministry of an artist and the Ministry of a radio/internet station. Over time, if one is persistent, prayerful and perfecting their craft, people will notice their Ministry. I'm enjoying bringing others alongside this Ministry that God has given me. It's a continuous learning curve, but the rewards are reaching beyond my own comprehension. I love seeing others grow in grace and in Gods vineyard.
Mr. Darren W. Lore, President
Darren W. Lore
Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions